About Sasha Poquet

I am a researcher at the National University of Singapore at the Institute for the Applied Learning Sciences and Technology (ALSET). I identify as a social scientist using learning analytics, causal inference models, and simulations to improve evidence-informed teaching practices.

Specifically, I am interested in the following research areas:

  • formation of learning networks
  • meaningful indicators of learning in networks
  • complexity leadership in learning analytics adoption
  • teacher cognition around modelling classroom dynamics and refining teaching practices using agent-based simulations

I am active in the learning analytics community, currently serving as one of the Vice-Presidents on the Executive Committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Most of my research is on communication networks in learning environments, guided by a broad question: What do effective learning networks look like, and how can they be facilitated?

I strive (1) to understand the generic properties of effective communication networks across different pedagogical and technological contexts, and (2) identify the effect of pedagogical prompts, such as tasks, teacher presence, learning design, etc. on network formation.

By ‘the effectiveness of the network’ I refer to network’s capacity to foster individual or group-level learning outcomes of interest, ie. learning gain, perceived learning, quality of the shared discourse, formation of group identity or a community, development of an innovative idea in a competition, etc.  That also refers to contagion of learning behaviour through network ties. My current work includes deployment of models allowing for causal inference around the formation of communication networks in learning environments.

You can learn about my work in my CV or ResearchGate. I also am available on Twitter and LinkedIn.