About Sasha Poquet

I am currently a learning analytics researcher at the research collaboratory of the Learning Planet Institute, a new initiative born out of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity, between Universite de Paris and INSERM. I am also an adjunct research fellow with Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning at the University of South Australia.

My work is driven by an understanding that learning is not just about any change, but is related to learner transformation and development. My research provides a strong foundation for interventions that facilitate peer learning in digital settings at the university-level, at the course-level, and at a task-level.

I have a keen interest in complexity science and apply complex systems lens to my work, analyzing learners, groups of learners, and learning organizations. I am trying to work out how to model and analyze learning in ways that maintain integrity to how learning phenomena are conceptualized (networked, dynamic, adaptive, multi-level, heterogeneous). My research strives to explain things as much as it strives to describe things. In addition to this work, recent projects include networked learning of professionals and adoption of learning analytics in the corporate sector. I am an ex-Vice-President of the Executive Committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), and an active member of the learning analytics community.

Much of my work thus far has been guided by a broad question: What do effective learning networks look like, and how can they be facilitated? By ‘the effectiveness of the network’ I refer to network’s capacity to foster individual or group-level learning outcomes of interest, ie. learning gain, perceived learning, quality of the shared discourse, formation of group identity or a community, development of an innovative idea in a competition, etc.

I enjoy collaborative work with students and colleagues from different backgrounds. Please, reach out if you are interested in networks in learning settings. You can learn about my work in my CV or ResearchGate. I also am available on Twitter.