Times They are a-Changin’

Life Update. I have moved back to Europe. My colleagues from the C3L are dearly missed and I am grateful to maintain an external affiliation with the University of South Australia where a lot of interesting things are happening (for example, this and this and this and this). In the past months, I have been … [Read more…]

Research Agenda for Network Research in Education

Most of the time, I study human interactions in online settings using network methods. Often that implies being asked about the relationship between learning and social interactions because ‘I can also learn alone!’. Over years I grew high intolerance to this question, but having been asked it at a job interview lately (I opted out … [Read more…]

Social Network Analysis MOOC

This May Shane and I are teaching a new course on Social Network Analysis on edX. This was quite a challenge to design as I was reluctant to give into the linear transmission of small idea chunks, and instead produced materials that integrate skills and organize them by competencies thematically. I am quite proud of some … [Read more…]

LASI17 – ERGM Tutorial

I have been to the University of Michigan these past weeks, attending Learning Analytics Summer Institute and getting acquainted with amazing learning analytics people and work that is being done there. Ann Arbor turned out a wonderful university town, picture-perfect in the summer, and taken straight out of ‘coming-of-age’ college US movies. The stay was … [Read more…]

Short presentation of my PhD research

I was asked to give a very short presentation of my PhD at my university. Introducing the MOOCs and problem formulation literally takes most of the slides, but there are a couple that summarise the main message and findings. Maybe just good to have it here as well. Please click on the link to get … [Read more…]

LAK 17 – Paper Accepted!

Excited to have our full paper accepted for the upcoming LAK conference in Vancouver. ABSTRACT The facilitation of interpersonal relationships within a respectful learning climate is an important aspect of teaching practice. However, in large-scale online contexts, such as MOOCs, the number of learners and highly asynchronous nature militates against the development of a sense of belonging and … [Read more…]