Times They are a-Changin’

Life Update.

I have moved back to Europe. My colleagues from the C3L are dearly missed and I am grateful to maintain an external affiliation with the University of South Australia where a lot of interesting things are happening (for example, this and this and this and this).

In the past months, I have been looking for new directions in my work, re-imagining my approaches, doing research that I am myself happy with, that makes impact and stands on values that I also find meaningful. I found it increasingly difficult to do so within the current narrative around higher education promoted by the current Australian government. So when Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity awarded funding for my project ‘How Can Learners Design andĀ Support Their Own Social Contexts for Learning?”, I thought it was an amazing opportunity. I was familiar with some work coming from the other researchers in the CRI collaboratory and wanted to learn with them. The options were considered, and then followed the move from Australia to France in the middle of the pandemic.

So come January and I will start my fellowship, in what is now called Learning Planet Institute, a new unit born out of the CRI. Currently situated jointly between Universite de Paris and INSERM, the Learning Planet Institute will focus on promoting collective intelligence and learning, capitalizing on the unique learning ecosystem and their developed participatory networks of change makers in educational systems. I hope to find my place within this intention. More on this in due time.

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