Defining Learning Analytics – 2

In their hangout of Week 1, the instructors of DALMOOC engage into the brief discussion about the purpose of Learning Analytics (LA) (sometimes around the 11th minute). Caroline Rose argues that LA is different from data mining because research questions  asked in LA are different from data mining RQ, and picking data for analysis is governed … [Read more…]

Defining Learning Analytics – 1

Baker, Ryan S J D, and Kalina Yacef. 2009. “The State of Educational Data Mining in 2009 : A Review and Future Visions.” Journal of Educational Data Mining 1(1): 3–16. Baker & Yacef (2009) review the trends in the field of Educational Data Mining (EDM), specifically in relation to the methodological profile of research, as well as … [Read more…]

On blogging, connecting and promoting

I have not been very good at this. With the start of the #DALMOOC, I will give it another try. This means regular writing. Considering I spoke in front of a PhD panel today for the entire seven minutes, I realised how bad I was at focused and structured talking. Even a mock session of … [Read more…]

MOOCs as Educational Practices – Part 1 (Theory)

It has been recognized in the educational community that over-simplistic categorization of MOOCs is not only misrepresenting, but “may also shape and constrain future MOOC development in unhelpful ways” (Bayne & Ross, 2014, p.22). A number of classifications have been suggested to provide the spectrum for comparison and describe special features (e.g. Conole, 2014; Downes, … [Read more…]